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Sailing is China’s largest custom shipping label wholesaler, providing one-stop thermal label suppliers customization services



Label material

Personalised, high quality material, make your product unique!

Thermal label

Efficient thermal labels, clear printing, make label printing more convenient!

Shipping label

Shipping labels, efficient tracking, simple management!

A4 label

Easy customisation, multi-purpose design, create more possibilities!

Dymo label

DYMO labels, multi-purpose, easy to mark, help you manage efficiently!
Custom sticker

Custom sticker

Personalised to show the charm of your brand!

Industrial label

Precise fit, durable and non-fading, provide reliable identification for products!

Thermal paper roll

Inkless imprinting, efficient printing, bringing ultimate convenience to multiple scenarios!


The adhesives currently used for self-adhesive labels can be divided into Hotmelt Glue,  Acrylic Water Glue , and Solvent Oil Base.

Choosing the right adhesive for your labels is crucial to ensure strong adhesion in different application scenarios. Key considerations include the label application environment, including temperature, humidity and chemical effects, to ensure the chosen adhesive performs well under all conditions. 

About Us

Welcome To Sailing Label Manufacturer!

With 18 years of production experience since our establishment in 2005, Sailing has transformed from a local paper processing business in China to an international label manufacturing group. We have production facilities in China and Malaysia, along with overseas warehouses in the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and more.

In 2022, we exported 1800 containers, serving over 100 countries, with over 90% of our business coming from loyal customers. Our success is attributed to our commitment to customer feedback and continuous improvement, making us a leading label manufacturer.

Sailinglabel's R&D Center has a professional team, three standardized laboratories, and 19 specialized testing instruments, setting our testing capabilities to the highest industry standards. We hold certifications such as High-Tech Enterprise, ISO, FSC, and ROHS.

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Sailinglabel own brand

Sailinglabel is a label and thermal paper manufacturer, Sailing owns WINSELL, Thermal Star, Thermal Queen brand thermal papers and thermal labels, strict quality control makes the brand unique!

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thermal star



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Quality Services

Thermal label One-stop manufacturer service,Your dream, our mission   

Among numerous suppliers of label materials, SailingLabel stands out for the following reasons:

thermal label suppliers

Premium Raw Materials

SailingLabel consistently sources the highest quality label materials and maintains a year-round inventory of thermal label paper rolls.
thermal label suppliers

Quality is Always the Top Priority

We enforce quality control at every step, with inspection labs in every factory workshop, ensuring the quality of each finished label product.

18 Years of Manufacturing Experience

With 18 years of manufacturing experience and advanced label production and printing equipment, our products adhere to the highest standards of label quality.

Swift Order Fulfillment

With our raw material inventory and complete control over in-house production, we can rapidly fulfill your orders according to your specifications.

At SailingLabel, we prioritize quality, reliability, and efficiency to ensure your satisfaction. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent service for your label roll needs.


The company has passed ISO, SGS, FSC and RoHS system certifications.

Sailinglabel is bringing together the best resource of all label industries and emerging as the leading custom adhesive label supplier & label material solution provider, serving global customers' needs.

Our mission is to make their choices firm and correct,to create greater value for customers and to realize their own value.

Global Reach with Convenient Overseas Warehouses

Our global label market has successfully reached the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. We proudly operate overseas warehouses in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, each equipped with logistics-ready finished label products, thermal labels in various sizes, and 80-series and 57-series thermal paper. This setup ensures local customers have easy access to samples and the ability to purchase label products directly.

Continuing our commitment to expansion, we are actively increasing our overseas warehouse sites. We also welcome distributors to become local agents and partners in our growing network. Thermal labels and thermal paper find extensive applications in supermarkets, gas stations, malls, restaurants, and more globally. The market potential on a worldwide scale is immense.

Join our distribution network! Benefit from our high-quality products, competitive prices that you won't find elsewhere, ongoing technical support, reliable and timely deliveries, and highly favorable payment terms. Moreover, if you meet specific requirements, exclusive selling rights in your market may be granted.

We are here to support your success. Your satisfaction is our priority. Let's build a prosperous partnership together!


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