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With 18 years of production experience since our establishment in 2005, Sailing has transformed from a local paper processing business in China to an international label manufacturing group. We have production facilities in China and Malaysia, along with overseas warehouses in the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and more.

In 2022, we exported 1800 containers, serving over 100 countries, with over 90% of our business coming from loyal customers. Our success is attributed to our commitment to customer feedback and continuous improvement, making us a leading label manufacturer.

Sailinglabel’s R&D Center has a professional team, three standardized laboratories, and 19 specialized testing instruments, setting our testing capabilities to the highest industry standards. We hold certifications such as High-Tech Enterprise, ISO, FSC, and ROHS.

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Choosing Sailing means more than just selecting labels; it means choosing professionalism, reliability, and a company that understands your unique needs.

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Hotmelt Glue
Hot melt glue is a thermoplastic adhesive, fluidity, viscosity, suitable for low-temperature labelling (-5 ~ 10 degrees) and environmental protection and non-toxic,Fast curing, improve production efficiency, strong adhesion, suitable for a variety of materials, surface inorganic solvent, only simple heating and coating can complete the bonding process.
Acrylic Water Glue
It is a water-based adhesive, usually with water as the main ingredient, and by adding different polymers, thickeners and other auxiliary ingredients to adjust its performance. Strong adhesion, most water-based adhesives are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, while water-based adhesives are more temperature-resistant than hot-melt adhesives, which can withstand temperatures below 90 degrees Celsius.
Solvent Oil Base
Oil glue is an oil-based adhesive that usually contains a rubber matrix, organic solvents and other additives. It has a strong adhesive strength and is widely used for bonding metals, rubbers, plastics and other materials.
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The adhesives currently used for self-adhesive labels can be divided into Hotmelt Glue,  Acrylic Water Glue , and Solvent Oil Base.

Choosing the right adhesive for your labels is crucial to ensure strong adhesion in different application scenarios. Key considerations include the label application environment, including temperature, humidity and chemical effects, to ensure the chosen adhesive performs well under all conditions. Choose an adhesive with adequate adhesion based on how the label will bond to different surfaces. At the same time, we focus on environmental friendliness and balance performance requirements with economic costs.

Acrylic Water Glue
Medical label
Acrylic Water Glue
Food label
Hotmelt Glue
Bottle label
Hotmelt Glue
Price label
Solvent Oil Base
Warning label
Solvent Oil Base
Industrial label

4×6 Labels

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Labels and packaging designers from many different countries and regions will exhibit their products. There will also be presentations from various international exhibitors on topics such as progressive packaging solutions, structural design, and sustainability. Attendees will have the chance to meet and discuss their packaging and label ideas with the exhibitors. They will also have the opportunity to view and evaluate new packaging materials and their full range of features.


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2 Sets Glue Coating Machine: Coated hot melt glue/acrylic glue/freezing glue and according to your requirement

5 Sets Automatic Cutting Machine: Advanced features cutting machine with high speed

15 Sets Die Cutting Machine: Any sizes and shapes are available

5 Sets Printing Machine:10 colors can be printed at one time,   UV printing