Sailing group has companies in China including Sailing, Petra, factories in both China 

Thermal label paper factory has deep connections with agents, exclusive distributorsworldwide.

Direct thermal label supplier aims at solutions for customers to manage and improve theirbusiness in a more efficient way and onlong term basis


Sailing, a leading paper product company in China since 2005, excels in exporting top-quality printing, packaging, and logistics consumables. Headquartered in Shenzhen, our state-of-the-art 20,000 sqm manufacturing plant and a dedicated team of 100+ professionals ensure excellence in every product. Your trusted partner for quality and professional services.

.  Thermal label company owns a number of well-known brands, including Sailing, Evergreen, Petra, Thermalstar, etc., providing customers with a full range of printing and packaging solutions. We have factories both at China and abroad, including an overseas factory in Malaysia, to better meet the needs of customers worldwide. In addition, the company has established 4 overseas warehouses and 2 service centres in the international market, forming a strong global supply chain network.

The company’s product lines cover a wide range of areas, including thermal labels, thermal papers shipping labels, label materials, and thermal label jumbo rolls,ect.providing high-quality printing and packaging solutions for various industries. With advanced production technology and the spirit of continuous innovation, Sailing has an average daily output of tens of thousands of square metres and has not only gained a significant share in the domestic market, but also won a good reputation in the international market.

Sailing is a thermal label company who adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality First, Service Foremost”, and constantly improves the quality of its products to meet the ever-increasing demands of its customers. Through unremitting efforts, Sailing has become a leader in the industry, creating value for customers and promoting the development of paper products industry.

The label production process usually involves several steps including coating, cutting, printing, die-cutting, inspection and packaging. It passes through the coating machine, slitting machine, printing machine, die-cutting machine to the final product


Adhesive coating machine

 Adhesive coating machine: This is a fully automated coater that works by applying high quality adhesive to the coating rolls, adjusting the parameters of the coater, including coating speed, coating thickness, roll pressure, etc., to ensure that the parameter settings are in accordance with the product specifications. Install the coating media (base paper or other substrate) to the coater, make sure it can pass through the machine smoothly, and fix it on the roll correctly then start the coater to turn our material finally into a large roll of labels.

Slitting machine

A slitter is a piece of equipment used to cut material, rolls or sheets into specific sizes or lengths. By placing large rolls into the slitter and providing the size that the customer wants to slit, the final slit is the finished label that the customer wants.

Die-cutting machine

A die cutting machine is a device used to cut materials to a specific shape or size. This type of cutting is usually achieved using a die-cutting die (knife die), which provides a high degree of accuracy and guarantees consistent product dimensions, while accommodating products of different shapes and sizes. Ideal for customised packaging, labels, stickers and other products.

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