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sailing label manufacturer

Thermal label manufacturer , uses only the highest quality raw materials to create the highest quality direct thermal labels

our experts provide the label expertise and manufacturing muscle you need to sell high-quality labels.

About Us

18 years label manufacturer

Sailing group has companies in China including Sailing, Petra, factories in both China.

Thermal label paper factory has deep connections with agents, exclusive distributorsworldwide.

Direct thermal label supplier aims at solutions for customers to manage and improve theirbusiness in a more efficient way and onlong term basis


100% quality guaranteed

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We value our distributors!Since we’ve been in business more than 18 years, we’ve learned a few things about what’s important to our customers.

Our products have expanded as well, and we now offer high-quality, custom-printed pressure sensitive labels for a wide variety of industries. All of our products, from blank, stock labels to custom-printed prime labels are produced utilizing the latest in flexographic and digital printing technologies.

We are the leading custom label manufacturer in China.

Since its establishment in 2005, with 18 years of production experience, Sailing has evolved from a local paper processing business in China to an international group with label production facilities in both China and Malaysia. We have overseas warehouses in the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and more. In 2022, Sailing’s annual export volume reached 1800 containers, serving over 100 countries, with over 90% of our business coming from loyal customers. This is attributed to our commitment to customer feedback and continuous improvement, making us a leading label manufacturer.

Sailinglabel’s Factory Technology Research and Development Center boasts a professional R&D team and researchers. We have constructed three standardized laboratories with 19 specialized testing instruments, capable of evaluating over 19 technical parameters, setting our testing capabilities to the highest industry standards. The company holds various certifications, including High-Tech Enterprise Certification, ISO, FSC, ROHS, among others.

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Over 18+ Years of Label Manufacturing Experience

At Sailing, we provide comprehensive label solutions, aiming to offer the highest quality and durable products to industry clients, chain supermarkets, and stores worldwide in need of one-stop supply for label raw materials, logistics consumables, and more.

Thermal label One-stop manufacturer service

Choose SAILINGLABEL for professionalism. Feel free to reach out for any further information or assistance.


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