Discover Coated Papers: Perfect for Print Quality


Coated paper, whose international name is printing coated paper, is a special paper product. Because its production process is to apply paint on double-adhesive paper, coated paper can be divided into single-coated paper, double-coated paper, snow-coated paper, copper Sika and other types according to the differences in coating, construction method, paper thickness, etc.

With the continuous progress of science and technology and the increasing improvement of printing technology, we have higher and higher requirements for printing quality. In today’s competitive market environment, the visual effect and quality of printed materials often become the key to attract consumers’ attention. In this process, the choice of suitable printing materials is particularly important. Among the many printing materials, art coated paper is highly regarded for its excellent printing effect and outstanding visual effect, and has become the first choice for many printed materials. So how exactly is coated paper made? And what is the difference between glossy and matte coated paper? Under what circumstances should you choose coated paper? These questions will be explored in this article.

What is coated paper?

Coated paper sheets is a high-quality printing material that is commonly used in the production of brochures, magazines, albums and other high-end printed materials. It is made by applying a special coating to the surface of the original paper to give it a smooth, even surface, which improves the print and visual effect of the paper.

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How is coated paper made?

The process of making coated art paper includes the steps of raw paper preparation, coating, drying and converting. Firstly, high-quality base paper is selected as the substrate and coated by a coating machine, which evenly coats the surface of the base paper with coated paste. Then, after drying treatment, the coated paint forms a uniform coating on the paper surface. Finally, the paper is given a glossy or matt finish to give it a different lustre effect.

What difference between glossy coated paper and matte coated paper?

Coated fine paper can have different glossy effects and are mainly classified into glossy and matte. Glossy art coated paper has a strong gloss and bright colours, which is suitable for prints that need to highlight image texture and colour contrast. Matte coated paper, on the other hand, has a softer gloss and more muted, natural colours, and is suitable for prints that need to reduce reflections and increase reading comfort.

Glossy coated paper

Glossy coated paper

Matt coated paper

Matt coated paper

When should coated paper be used?

Printing coated paper is suitable for occasions where the quality of the printed material is of a high standard, especially for mixed-text printed materials that require high-definition images and rich details. For example, brochures, picture books, product manuals, etc., where visual effects and print quality are required.

Coated paper and sustainability

In today’s environmentally friendly and sustainable world, the sustainability of coated paper industry is also in the spotlight. Coated paper print is often produced using water-based coatings and environmentally friendly raw materials, which reduces environmental pollution. At the same time, the high quality and printability of white coated paper prolongs the life of printed materials and reduces paper waste, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development.

Advantages of coated paper

Coating art paper has the advantages of good printing effect, bright colours, rich details and comfortable touch. Its smooth surface can highlight the image texture, enhance the visual impact, make the printed materials more attractive and professional sense. At the same time, coated paper printing adaptability, can meet different printing needs, is the ideal choice for high-end printed materials.


In summary, coated paper, as a high-quality printing material, has a wide range of application prospects and good market demand. When choosing printing materials, you can choose the right type of coated paper according to the specific needs and printing effect, in order to ensure the quality and effect of printed materials. At the same time, focusing on the sustainable production and environmental protection characteristics of coated paper is also one of the important initiatives to promote the sustainable development of the industry.