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Coated paper, an outstanding and highly respected choice in the field of printing, is known for its unique qualities and wide range of applications. Its superb production process begins with the careful selection of raw materials, choosing high-quality wood pulp as the main ingredient, infusing the paper with a uniform texture and excellent print acceptability. Uniformity of coating is ensured by covering the paper surface with a coating of white powder, resin and gloss agent using a highly efficient coater in the coating process. Subsequently, drying and calendaring are carried out by advanced drying equipment and precision rollers to ensure a smooth and even paper surface for improved printing results. Finally, the paper is cut to size according to specifications using an automatic cutting machine and packaged through an automatic packaging line to ensure the safety of the finished product during transport and storage. With carefully blended fillers and surface coatings, coated paper exhibits its unique gloss and flatness, ensuring clarity and finesse during printing.Widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, garment tags, industrial production lines, for promotional and industrial semi-gloss colour printing. Typical applications are cosmetic labels, pharmaceutical labels and food industry labels.

The surface of coated paper is smooth, suitable for general purpose and blank die-cutting, and can be provided with low-temperature resistance according to customers’ requirements.

According to the gloss of surface materials, the products can bedivided into high glossy coated art paper and single copper paper. According to the difference of materials, single copper paper can bedivided into high quality semi glossy coated art paper and semi glossy coated art paper.

High quality semi glossy coated art paper: Premium coated paper is a printing gem, with outstanding characteristics and quality that highlights its unique value in the field of printing. It is characterised by excellent print quality, clear and detailed images and text, and excellent colour reproduction, making designs more realistic and vivid. Its surface gloss is moderate, highlighting the texture of the print without losing its elegance. In terms of paper texture, high-quality coated paper usually presents a smooth and even paper texture, which is conducive to the even transfer of ink and enhances the clarity of printing. Its advantages are obvious and it is suitable for a wide range of high-end printing projects, such as magazines, picture albums, business cards, brochures and so on. By enhancing brand image and giving printed materials a high-quality feel, premium coated paper has become the preferred choice for high-end packaging design, fine book printing, and commercial copywriting that requires a professional appearance. Whether you’re an artist looking for exceptional print results or a brand image-conscious business, you’ll find the ideal solution for a variety of high-standard printing needs in the selection of premium coated papers.


Semi glossy coated art paper : Often more cost effective than some of the higher end materials, Economy Copper is characterised by its ability to provide good print quality at a relatively low cost. Although the price is more affordable compared to high-end paper, but the economy of coated paper has not compromised on printing quality, it has a reasonable printing effect, suitable for general commercial printing needs, with moderate gloss, lighter and thinner, more suitable for the need for lightweight design of the printed materials, providing an effective way to save costs. Its advantage is reflected in the affordability of the cost, suitable for large-scale printing projects, for enterprises in the budget control while maintaining the quality of printed materials. Economy coated paper is available in a wide range of sizes and weights to suit the needs of different projects. At the same time, it is adaptable and can be used on different types of printing machinery, making it more flexible and adaptable to different production environments. It is used in a wide range of scenarios, including the printing of large quantities of promotional materials, commercial literature, temporary advertising posters and so on. In the context of the need to balance printing quality and cost, economic coated paper becomes the ideal choice for enterprises to achieve cost-effective printing.

High glossy coated art paper: High gloss paper is a stunning printing material that is uniquely characterised by a distinctly high gloss, giving the surface of the print a mirror-like splendour. Not only does this material offer excellent print quality, but the smooth surface enhances the clarity of the print, making images and text more detailed and vivid. The advantages are clear: Mirror coated paper is ideal for creating a luxury brand image, and its visual impact and vibrant colours make it the first choice for high-end brochures, luxury packaging and artwork that needs to be highlighted. This special material adds a distinctive look and added value to printed materials, making them more competitive in the marketplace and bringing a unique brand identity. Whether it’s to enhance the quality of a product’s packaging, to create eye-catching promotional items, or to showcase the subtleties of a work of art, mirror coated coated paper demonstrates its versatility and excellence in the printing world.


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