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We focus on the manufacturing of various types of labels, have advanced equipment and an experienced team, and export worldwide.

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Wholesale Direct Thermal Labels for Business Efficiency
At Sailinglabe, we specialize in supplying high-volume direct thermal labels at wholesale prices, combining quality with affordability to support your business’s operational needs.
Unmatched Quality at Wholesale Prices
Our direct thermal labels are designed for businesses that require a continuous supply of reliable and efficient labeling solutions. By purchasing in bulk, you benefit from our competitive pricing without compromising on the quality that is crucial for your day-to-day operations.
Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries,Direct thermal labels are essential for various applications
Retail: Fast and clear printing for price tags and receipts.
Shipping and Logistics: Durable labels for packages and inventory management.
Healthcare: Accurate and legible labels for patient information and laboratory specimens.
Features of Our Direct Thermal Labels
High-Quality Print: Our labels ensure crisp and legible prints for barcodes, text, and graphics, essential for accurate scanning and readability.
Adhesive Strength: With options for permanent or removable adhesives, our labels stick securely to a wide range of surfaces.
Durability: Resistant to heat, light, and abrasion, our labels are suitable for even the most challenging environments.

sailinglabel is my best supplier. I am very satisfied with their service, they introduced me to various materials and helped me design the pattern I wanted for free.

Italy Stewart
label partners (16)

Many thanks to the professional sales UNA, they always give me necessary marketing suggestions for high quality products.

Dubai Rudolph
label partners (15)

The quality is very good and the printing is very clear. I am very satisfied and ready to purchase labels for the next cabinet.

Mexico Quentin
label partners (18)

Working with the team at sailing is a pleasure! Professionalism and cooperative spirit make our cooperation extremely smooth

Saudi Arabia Bradford
label partners (13)

I will recommend sailinglabel products to my friends without hesitation! The quality and service are impeccable and I'm sure they will love it too!

USA Christopher
Label Customer Reviews (3)

There are many types of label products to meet the needs of different groups of people! Whether it's color, size or functionality, I can find the perfect fit!

Canada Abelard
label partners (11)

The craftsmanship of thermal label is very exquisite! Every detail has been carefully designed and produced, giving me high confidence in its quality!

Kyrgyzstan Flanagan
label partners (9)

The quality of the product is excellent and the service from una is fantastic, will be repurchasing!

Egypt Rowley
label partners (6)

I love the personalization of label products! Being able to customize the product to my needs makes me feel unique and special!

South Korea Oswald
Label Customer Reviews (2)

The design of the label product is simple and fashionable, perfectly integrating functionality and beauty! I like showing my labels because they make me more confident

Argentina Karim
thermal label good reviews (3)

I have been using label products for a long time and they are still in great shape and the durability is outstanding! I am very grateful to sailing label

United Arab Emirates Montgomery
Label Customer Reviews (1)

I didn't have high expectations when I purchased the label products, but after using them I found they far exceeded my expectations, what a pleasant surprise!

Brazil Hassan
thermal printer label rolls

The diverse designs of label products give me unlimited choices, allowing me to find the product that best suits me!

Jordan Ahmad · Fatima
label partners (17)

I heard that the label products have a good reputation. After purchasing, they are very good, with reliable quality and first-class service!

Qatar Amir · Ahmed

The quality of the label products is guaranteed, and it is very safe to use, which brings me a lot of convenience!

Kuwait Cuthbert
Label Customer Reviews (5)

I had a perfect shopping experience when purchasing label products and gave me confidence in the brand!

lebanon Ebenezer
label partners (10)

I like the concept of label products focusing on environmental protection, and using environmentally friendly materials to make products makes me more willing to support it!

Portugal Rudolph
Label Customer Reviews (6)

The whole process of purchasing label products was very smooth and I felt very satisfied and happy!

Spain Marshall

After purchasing label products many times, I have established a firm trust in the brand and am willing to support it for the long term!

Türkiye Solomon
Label Customer Reviews (7)

Label products are constantly launching new styles and new functions, showing the brand's innovative spirit of keeping pace with the times!

France Ambrose
dymo label goods photo (3)

I have encountered some minor problems, but the after-sales service team of Label Products has always been able to solve them in a timely manner, which makes me very satisfied!

Canada Terence
Label Customer Reviews (4)

There are a wide variety of label products. Whether it is color, material or function, you can find products that meet your needs!

Australia Mick
label partners (12)

It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about

Colombia Theodoric
label partners (8)

I am very satisfied with the personalized customization service of label products, which perfectly meets my needs!

Russia Norbert
Label Customer Reviews (2)

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We accept OEM & ODM services andcan produce products based ondrawings or samples provided by thecustomer with full after-sales service.

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