How long do direct thermal labels last?-Do these five things - make your thermal labels last longer.

Many buyers in the label industry often talk to sailinglabel magazine about the problems they encounter when purchasing thermal label paper. Today’s issue of sailinglabel provides answers to questions about how to preserve thermal labels.

Thermal paper labels Why did they choose sailing?

Direct thermal labels paper

Direct thermal label is a kind of barcode label paper, the face paper of thermal label paper is processed by high heat-sensitive coating paper, adhesive layer behind the paper, used to paste fixed, the bottom is a layer of bottom paper, used to protect the adhesive layer, after printing, tear the bottom paper can be used, the bottom paper has ordinary blue bottom, white bottom and imported glaze bottom. Ordinary heat-sensitive label paper is not waterproof, oil-proof, tear.

How long do direct thermal labels last? What are the savings considerations?

Thermal paper is specially used for printing on thermal printers and thermal fax machines. It’s quality directly affects the print quality and conservation time, and even affects the life of the printer and fax machine

Thermal PaperF-Type Cable Label

Thermal label paper is generally divided into three layers, the bottom layer is paper base, the second layer is thermal coating, the third layer is protective layer, mainly affect the quality of thermal printing paper is thermal coating or protective layer, if the coating of thermal paper is not uniform, will lead to printing, some places dark color, some places light color, printing quality is significantly reduced; if the chemical formula of thermal coating is unreasonable, Will lead to thermal printing paper storage time becomes very short. At present, the best thermal label paper can guarantee a period of validity of more than 30 years, and the poor is only 1-3 months. Relatively good thermal paper can be stored for at least 2 to 5 years.

As we all know, the storage time of thermal label paper is limited. If the time is too long, the adhesive will fail, and the dry and hard will lose its viscosity. The improper storage method will accelerate the process.

Thermal Sensitive Label Paper

Storage Precautions for Thermal Sensitive Label Paper:

1, thermal sensitive label paper to avoid direct sunlight, moisture-proof, sunscreen, anti-high temperature, anti-ultra-low temperature.

2, the printed label packaging should be layered, not overweight, to prevent glue penetration and adhesion.

3, in 23±2℃ and RH65±5% relative humidity can be stored for 1 year, some glue can reach 2 years.

4, thermal sensitive label paper should be stored in moisture-proof paper or film packaging sealed, roll should be erected, flat sheet should be stored smoothly, and the height of each board should not exceed 1m, goods from the ground (pad block) more than 10cm.

5, the label should be packaged, it is recommended that plastic film sealed packaging, each time after use to seal packaging, can also provide better storage conditions for the label.

As thermal paper is widely used in retail, finance, clothing, logistics, medical and other fields, China’s current thermal paper printing paper market continues to develop steadily, especially the rapid development of financial terminals, medical treatment, portrait printing and so on, the demand for thermal paper is increasing.

Thermal Sensitive Label Paper

Color development principle of thermal paper:

1, Melt transparent thermal paper

Melt transparent thermal paper color development principle is in the black base paper, coated with a layer of opaque wax for the surface layer, the hot pen action, opaque waxy material melt transparent, the base paper bottom color revealed and form an image.

2, Metal compound hair color thermal-sensitive paper

The color development principle of metal compound hair color thermal paper is based on the mixture of heavy metal salt and reducing agent of fatty acid, and the use of heating to melt fatty acid salt and reducing agent reaction, so that heavy metal reduction and free color development.

3, Colorless dye-type thermal paper

Colorless dye type thermal paper color development principle is based on the colorless dye containing inner lipid ring and color developing agent mixed, under the action of heat, color developing agent and colorless dye heated melting reaction and color.

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