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Sailinglabel has more than 10 years of rich experience in self-adhesive import and export trade and is committed to providing the highest quality labels. Our rigorous quality control process ensures every roll meets industry standards for performance and durability. Provide you with the most competitive label raw materials. Contact us now!

Learn about our label raw material categories

Sailinglabel has developed more than 100 different products by itself, covering various paper and film materials. The main materials include: thermal paper, thermal film, transparent thermal film, two-color thermal paper, thermal imaging materials, and color inkjet printing. Materials, hang tags, hanging tags, UV inkjet printing materials, medical labels, washable and water-soluble materials and other new materials.


OEM/ODM Services Hand-in-hand

Already Have Ideas On Your Mind?

Sailinglabel hold no barriers to customization, allowing you to maximize your individual needs as you wish.We create label materials for you that are suitable for a variety of scenarios.

Need Our Help With The Design?

If you are confused about label glue selection, don't worry, our R&D team is good at market research and cost control, and will bring you convenient solutions in time.

Three steps to get label raw material solutions

Sailinglabel services are borderless, not only eliminating your lack of understanding of the product, but also providing you with laboratory product parameters as a quality reference. Intelligent production enables timely and advanced delivery of solutions, giving you worry-free after-sales service.

Demand Listening

We provide professional glue solutions and raw material selection. With careful listening from our experts, you can expect a comprehensive custom label raw material solution.

Solution Delivery

One of the highlights of the customized solution is the simulated product presentation of the label material. We analyze your application and then the product generates reasonable results.

Mass Production

Sailinglabel is equipped with more than 20 mature process production lines, including 6 advanced coating machines and 1 UV hot melt adhesive production machine with the largest width, fastest speed and largest number of lamps. At the same time, the company also has a materials research and development laboratory.

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China leading manufacturer of label adhesive paper.  18+ years of factory production


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    Thermal labels

    Why choose us

    Welcome To Sailing Label Manufacturer!

    With 18 years of production experience since our establishment in 2005, Sailing has transformed from a local paper processing business in China to an international label manufacturing group. We have production facilities in China and Malaysia, along with overseas warehouses in the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and more.

    In 2022, we exported 1800 containers, serving over 100 countries, with over 90% of our business coming from loyal customers. Our success is attributed to our commitment to customer feedback and continuous improvement, making us a leading label manufacturer.

    Sailinglabel's R&D Center has a professional team, three standardized laboratories, and 19 specialized testing instruments, setting our testing capabilities to the highest industry standards. We hold certifications such as High-Tech Enterprise, ISO, FSC, and ROHS.

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    Leading R&D for Your Trust

    Label material manufacturers, using only the finest raw materials to manufacture the highest quality labels.Provide you with the most competitive label raw materials.

    18 +years

    Label material manufacturers

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    In-house R&D Accounted

    About our label material production

    Sailinglabel is proud to manufacture jumbo rolls showcasing a wide range of premium raw materials. Continuously innovate ourselves by keeping up with the latest industry trends and technological advancements

    Glue solutions

    Sailinglabel focus on the production of various custom label materials. We provide customers with professional glue solutions, including: hot melt glue, frozen glue, tire glue, acrylic oil glue Removable glue, UV hot melt glue, hydrosol, saliva glue, cable glue and a series of environmentally friendly glues
    Matte Clear Film

    Custom size

    Sailinglabel divide the parent rolls into different sizes that customers need. We have 8 automatic high-speed slitting machines, which are also very fast, 16 meters per minute and more than 400 meters per minute, so we are able to provide up to 800,000 square meters of modified large rolls per day, and All custom sizes available.


    All our products are packed in good condition to withstand rough handling, durable and highly resistant. Millions of labels are sold around the world every day and exported to overseas countries. Our professional team is ready to serve you. If you have any questions about the packaging size, please don't worry, sailinglabel sales team is always ready to provide you with the most economical shipping method.

    Mature Quality Management

    Durable Matte White Film

    Incoming Quality Control

    Check the condition of label raw materials and take paper samples to the laboratory

    water dissolved paper

    Self-adhesive glue

    Test whether the glue is environmentally friendly, whether it has a pungent odor, and how effective it is when placed on paper

    Tensile test

    We'll put the papers on the machine to test their stretch and tension

    White Vinyl Film

    Viscosity test

    Attach the label material to the object and let it sit for 24 hours. Observe whether the viscosity of the label is qualified and whether it adheres well to the object.

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    self adhesive paper roll


    The company has passed ISO, SGS, FSC and RoHS system certifications.

    Sailinglabel is bringing together the best resource of all label industries and emerging as the leading custom adhesive label supplier &raw material label solution provider, serving global customers' needs.

    let's Stand Together

    Successful Cases

    Sailinglabel continues to innovate itself by keeping up with the latest industry trends and technological advancements, helping countless brands expand and benefit in more than a dozen regions around the world.

    Our mission is to make their choices firm and correct,to create greater value for customers and to realize their own value.

    Choose sailinglabel and believe in professionalism

      Product printing is very good and quality it is the exact design i requested my person in charge is Caroline, she is very responsible.


      Appreciate doing business with Sailinglabel !! Good quality and beautiful price.Give my brand stable supply support,thank you my best partner.


      Great Quality! this is my second order with them and I’m really happy with the quality of the products Kelly is really nice and knowledgeable.


      Loved the way they turned out! The cut in the backing makes it easy to use and I’m so excited to share with others!


      Their shipping labels are printed very clearly and are very sticky. They are of good quality and affordable. I will continue to cooperate with them. —