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Since our foundation in 2005,Sailing has grown from a local paper converter into an international group company that has production of thermal paper based both in China and Malaysia. 100% of Sailing products are for export. In 2022, annual export quantity reaches 1800 containers and to over 100 countries. Among this volum, over 90% is from old customers. This is mainly because of Sailing attitudes towards customers complaints and comments, which we always put at top important in the whole company and we keep in mind that comments make you learn and grow to be a better ourselves. Also just because this is consumable product and very price sensitive, Sailing never tried to meet customers low price by compromise on paper quality before, neither in future.

"Choose Saiing: Where Knowledge, Passion, and a Delightful Working Environment Meet"

The brands that we do OEM for all over the world, plus our own brand thermal star, thermal queen, are leading brands with top popularity in many countries today. Accumulated from thermal paper, Sailing serves industry customers, chain supermarkets, chain stores, who need one stop supply of printer consumables, logistic consumables, etc. Sailing own brand label stickers, POS printers, label printers are going more popular day by day in our main markets. Our goal is to save customers time and money, to increase their purchase efficiency, to decrease their mistake and lose on choosing wrong suppliers. Choose Sailing, choose professional