54umsynthetic paper/ordinary water base glue/60g white glassine

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Type:Waterproofing Materials
Applications:Waterproof, tear-proof and weather resistant



Synthetic Paper Manufacturer In China

We are a label factory from China and Synthetic Paper Manufacturer, dedicated to producing thermal paper, thermal labels, A4 labels, pearlescent film, coated paper, thermal synthetic paper and other label materials. As an expert in label materials, we are committed to providing materials that guarantee excellent performance and durability, support OEM/ODM, provide professional one-stop service, choose sailing, learn about sustainable solutions.

What is a synthetic paper?

Synthetic printing paper is a new plastic material product and an environmentally friendly self-adhesive.
Using high quality synthetic paper Face Stock, high Whiteness,excellent printing performance and barcode printing performance.
It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, tear resistance, good printability, light shielding, UV resistance, durability, economy and environmental protection. Types of synthetic paper, according to different production raw materials, are divided into PP synthetic paper, HDPE synthetic paper, PS synthetic paper, PVC synthetic paper, PET synthetic paper, ABS synthetic paper, etc.; according to different structures, they are divided into single-layer synthetic paper, Three-layer synthetic paper, five-layer synthetic paper, etc.

Product Name

54umsynthetic paper/ordinary water base glue/60g white glassine

Release liner

60g white glassine


Ordinary water base glue


Test project



Face Stock







Release liner



Longitudinal tensile strength








Loop initial tack

90°release force

180° 30m/min high speed release force

Minimun labelled temperature

Using temperature


≧5or paper torn state









Stock and preserve

Under the conditions of temperature 23±2℃ and relative humidity 50±5%, the validity period is 1 year. Products beyond the expiry date can still be used after passing the inspection.

Synthetic paper print and process:

It has excellent printing performance and barcode printing performance. It is recommended for general color printing and ribbon printing. It is not recommended for full-page solid printing. It is not recommended for bottles with small diameters, irregular surfaces or frequent squeezes. Before use, a comprehensive labeling test should be carried out in the final use environment. It is recommended to test the ink before printing. In order to ensure smooth processing, it is recommended to use a sharp die-cutting knife for thin film, especially in the flat die-cutting method. It should be avoided that the rewinding tension is too high, causing the label to overflow. It can be used for non-direct contact labeling of products such as food, medicine and cosmetics.

How durable is waterproof synthetic paper durable:

Synthetic paper is a type of paper made from synthetic fibres. Unlike traditional paper, synthetic paper is not made from wood pulp but from some polymer material, polyethylene, polypropylene or polyester. It is a multifunctional polymer material with excellent characteristics of both plastic and paper. It is waterproof, tear-resistant, oil-resistant and chemical-resistant.

What is synthetic paper used for:

·Label and tag:synthetic paper is widely used for food and pharmaceuticals, cosmetic labels, etc.
·Tear-Resistant Items: Items that undergo constant use and pressure, such as runner’s bibs and restaurant menus, benefit from synthetic paper’s durability.
·Secure Credentials and ID Cards:They are an excellent choice for producing ID cards and passports, ensuring longevity and security.
·Map and navigation materials: Thanks to its water resistance, synthetic paper is suitable for the production of maps and navigation materials, ensuring weatherproof outdoor use.


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