80µ transparent PE film/water base adhesive/60g white glassine

Material:Laminated Material
Type:Shrink Film
Usage:Food&Medicine Film
Feature:Moisture Proof
Packing:Roll Packing

Transparent PE film has good waterproof performance and can show the background color. Prints can be pasted on the back of transparent materials. The material is soft, elastic and waterproof. It is often used in bottles of daily chemical products.



80µ transparent PE label material

Sailinglabel is a well-known manufacturer of high quality polyethylene film with its own factory. PE, known as polyethylene, is one of the most in-demand thermoplastics in the world. It’s very strong, but it’s also a very light thermoplastic. Polyethylene is the most commonly used plastic on the market because it is very low cost and can be used to make many products.

what is pe film?

PE(Polyethylene) film is a plastic film made from polyethylene that is lightweight, transparent, soft and durable. It does not react with moisture, grease, compounds, etc. It is insoluble in most solvents at room temperature and can withstand low temperatures of -70°C.

Product Name

80µ transparent PE film/water base adhesive/60g white glassine

Release liner

60g white glassine


Ordinary water base adhesive


Test project



Face Stock







Release liner



Longitudinal tensile strength








Loop initial tack

90°release force

180°30m/min high speed release force

Minimun labelled temperature

Using temperature











Stock and preserve

Under the conditions of temperature 23±2℃ and relative humidity 50±5%, the validity period is 1 year. Products beyond the expiry date can still be used after passing the inspection.

Transparent PE Label description:

This product uses a general-purpose transparent film permanent acrylic adhesive. Face Stock has excellent softness and stretchability, and has excellent performance on many packaging materials. It can be used for indirect contact with food, medicine, cosmetics and other products Labeling purposes.

Transparent PE Label Print and process:

The specially treated coating surface can be used in various printing methods such as letterpress, flexo, gravure and screen. Suitable for UV ink and water-based ink. Care should be taken during processing to avoid material deformation caused by overheating. In order to ensure the best ink wettability and fastness during printing, on-line corona treatment is recommended, and PE special ink is used. It is recommended to test the ink before printing. A sharp, thinfilm die-cutter is recommended, especially in flat-flat diecutting. Excellent bronzing performance and effect. It should be avoided that the rewinding tension is too high, causing the label to overflow.

PE Packaging Film Features:

·Flexible with high impact strength
·Chemical resistance and corrosion resistance properties
·Possess good water vapour, and alcohol barring properties
·Impact resistance and High Puncture Resistance
·High adhesion and cohesion
·Long term stability and Elongation
·Wear and Tear Resistance
·Having good resistance to water, chemicals, rot and wrinkles

PE Protective Film Advantages:

·Economical protection from dirt and dust
·Low odour pollution or no smell
It can be reused
·Alternative for costly drop cloths
·Stands-up to UV degradation for long time
·Very easy to use
·It can be used in application like food industry due to non-toxic nature
·Protect the product from damages


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