80geco semi-gloss art paper/water base adhesive/60g white glassine

Place of Origin:Guangdong,China
Paper Type:Coated art paper
Pulping Type:Chemical Pulp
Coating Side: Double Side
Usage:Printing and packaging
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Art Paper Suppliers 80geco Semi-gloss Coated Art Paper

What is a coated paper?

Arts paper is also called coated paper. It is made of high-grade printing paper coated with white paint on copperplate base paper. It is a coated processing paper for copperplate printing. Coated pringting paper surface uniform, compact, high whiteness, smooth surface, high gloss, good dimensional stability, tensile strength and surface strength. Because the surface of the coated paper is covered by the coating layer and super calender, the compression resistance of the coated paper is poor, and the water absorption is low. In the production, attention should be paid to the control of printing ink supply and printing pressure, and the roughness index of the coated paper is mainly referred to. The lower the roughness value, the smoother the paper surface.

Product Name

80geco semi-gloss art paper/water base adhesive/60g white glassine

Release liner

60g white glassine


Ordinary water base adhesive


Test project



Face Stock









Release liner



Longitudinal tensile strength








Loop initial tack

90°release force

180° 30m/min high speed release force

Holding power

Minimun labelled temperature

Using temperature


≧7or paper torn state











Stock and preserve

Under the conditions of temperature 23±2℃ and relative humidity 50±5%, the validity period is 1 year. Products beyond the expiry date can still be used after passing the inspection.

Semi-gloss art paper description:

This product, Face Stock, has a smooth surface and is suitable for general use and blank die-cutting. It is not recommended for labeling small-bore bottles or highly curved surfaces. Before use, a comprehensive labeling test must be carried out in the final use environment.

Semi-gloss art paper print and process:

This product is suitable for various printing methods of offset, gravure and flexo, but not for exquisite printing. Attention should be paid to controlling the viscosity of the ink to avoid the peeling off of the coating caused by the overly viscous ink. Excellent paper processing performance, suitable for rotary and flat processing methods. Suitable for hot stamping. It should be avoided that the rewinding tension is too high, causing the label to overflow. It can be used for non-direct contact labeling of products such as food, medicine and cosmetics.

Coated Paper Printing Application scenario

Waterproof coated paper widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tags, industrial production lines, suitable for promotions and the need for multi-colour printing industry. The most common use is for cosmetic labels, pharmaceutical labels and the food industry.

Coated Art Paper Manufacturer

Shenzhen sailing label is a label factory, mainly dealing with thermal labels, A4 labels, industrial labels, label materials, etc. We have been focusing on labeling technology for more than 18 years, and with our strong R&D capabilities, superb production technology, large modern factories, and advanced machinery and equipment, we are able to offer a complete range of products and stable quality. Provide complete product series and stable quality. Professional production, management and service team Professional production, management and service team support us to keep stable relationship with customers all over the world.


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