A4 Label Template Multi Purpose Sheet Sticky Paper For Printer

Compatible with Laser/Inkjet Printing. Matte Surface Prevents Ink Smudges for Hassle-free Printing
MULTIPURPOSE LABELS: labels are great for many uses such as; return address labels, documents/packages, tagging folders & notebooks, and organizing your office and home supplies.
POWERFUL ADHESIVE: Our labels are made with a strong general-purpose permanent adhesive that aggressively holds to many different packages and surfaces.



Sailing A4 Label wholesaler,18+ years label production and manufacture.

what are a4 labels?

A4 label sheets usually refer to a standard-size label paper measuring 210 mm × 297 mm (about 8.27 inches × 11.69 inches), which is usually used for printing labels, stickers, business cards and so on. This standard size label paper is widely used in office supplies, logistics packaging, product packaging and other fields.

In addition to standard A4 labels, there is a wide range of A4 labels available in a variety of shapes, materials and special features to meet different needs. For example, some A4 adhesive labels are waterproof, abrasion-resistant or tear-resistant for environments that require greater durability.

A4 label size chart




139mm x 99.1 mm

99.1mm x93.1 mm

99.1mmx67.7 mm

99.1mm x57 mm

63.5mmx33.9 mm

64mm x26.7mm

*Large amount of stock, many specifications optional, can be customized size

All Custom Size & Color can be made as your requirement!


Self-Adhesive Paper/Sticker Paper/Label Paper

Back Paper Type

Yellow silicone release paper / White silicone releasepaper/ White glassine paper/ Yellow glassine paperBlue glassine paper

Face Paper Type

Cast coated paper /Glossy paper / Wood-free paper /Offset paper / Gold foil / Silver foil / PET/TransparentPET/ PP synthetic paper / Holographic film / Thermalpaper


Hot melt/Water Based/Permeant


In roll :500-1070mm*500m/1000m per roll or as yourdemands insheet:51*70cm,50*70cm,100*70cm,108*70cm50.8*76.2cm as your demands


1.Such as 50.8 76.2cm 50*70cmBox:100Pcs/Bag 5Bag/Carton 680Cartons 340000pcs/20fPallet:100pcs/Bag 100bag/Pallet 32Pallets 320000pcs/20ft2.Suchas70*100cm 70*108cm Pallet:70*100cm 100Pcs/Bag 50Bag/Pallet 34pallets 170000Pcs/20ft Pallet:70*108cm 100Pcs/Bag 50Bag/Pallet 30pallets150000Pcs/20ft 3.Reels:PE film wrapped with Kraft paper,baled on strongwooden pallets

Delivery Time

Within 15 days of order placement


The following list is the reference table for the cutting size of A4 white base dumb surface adhesive

A4 label size (2)
A4 label size (3)
A4 label size (5)
A4 label size (4)
A4 label size (6)
A4 label size (7)

A4 sheet


2 labels per sheet


6 labels per sheet


4 labels per sheet


8 labels per sheet


10 labels per sheet


A4 label size (8)
A4 label size (10)
A4 label size (12)
A4 label size (13)
A4 label size (14)

14 labels per sheet


18 labels per sheet


36 labels per sheet


40 labels per sheet


48 labels per sheet

65 labels per sheet

A4 label size (15)
A4 label size (16)
A4 label size (17)
A4 label size (1)

65 labels per sheet


84 labels per sheet


90 labels per sheet


216 labels per sheet


A4 Sheet Sticky Labels Application Scenarios

Office Document Labels: In an office environment,a4 labels officeworks are commonly used to print document labels to sort and label folders, filing cabinets or archive boxes. These labels can include information such as file name, date, department and more to help employees quickly find the documents they need.

Mail and Mailing Labels: A4 address labels can be used to print address labels for mailing letters, parcels or goods. By printing address labels, you can improve mailing efficiency, reduce the error rate of handwritten addresses and ensure that mail is delivered accurately.

Product labels: In the commercial sector,A4 multi purpose labels can be used to print product labels that include information such as product name, barcode, price, specifications and more. These labels can be attached directly to the product packaging, making it easier for customers to navigate and purchase the product.

Logistics and Warehousing Labels: a4 shipping labels are often used in the logistics and warehousing industry to mark goods and stock. These labels usually include the goods number, destination, recipient information, etc. and help logistics companies and warehousing centres with goods management and tracking.


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