A4 Printer Label Paper Integrated Multipurpose Address Template Stickers

Material Type:Paper

Matte surface to prevent smudges. Surface is similar to writing paper.
Perfect for printing with inkjet and laser printers.



A4 Printer Label Paper-18+ Years Manufacturers

A4 adhesive label paper introduction

Specification size: The size of A4 printer label paper conforms to the standard size of A4 paper, which is 210 mm × 297 mm (approximately 8.27 inches × 11.69 inches). Label size usually varies according to different needs and uses.

Material characteristics: a4 paper sticker label are made of self-adhesive material, which is characterised by a glue coated on the back, allowing them to be directly pasted on various surfaces. This material is resistant to water, oil, abrasion and other characteristics, so that the label can be affixed to the items to be able to adhere to a long-lasting.

Convenience and Economy: The convenience of a4 self adhesive labels is that they can be used directly from the A4 paper without additional cutting or handling.

Applications: A4 size sticky labels are widely used in various fields such as office, logistics and warehousing, product packaging and so on. For example, the office can use self-adhesive labels for document identification, mail marking, etc.; logistics companies can stick self-adhesive labels on parcels for address identification and tracking; product manufacturers can stick self-adhesive labels on products, labelling product information, prices, barcodes and so on!

A4 Printer Label Paper Size(HxW/inches):



139mm x 99.1 mm

99.1mm x93.1 mm

99.1mmx67.7 mm

99.1mm x57 mm

63.5mmx33.9 mm

64mm x26.7mm

*Large amount of stock, many specifications optional, can be customized size

All Custom Size & Color can be made as your requirement!


Self-Adhesive Paper/Sticker Paper/Label Paper

Back Paper Type

Yellow silicone release paper / White silicone releasepaper/ White glassine paper/ Yellow glassine paperBlue glassine paper

Face Paper Type

Cast coated paper /Glossy paper / Wood-free paper /Offset paper / Gold foil / Silver foil / PET/TransparentPET/ PP synthetic paper / Holographic film / Thermalpaper


Hot melt/Water Based/Permeant


In roll :500-1070mm*500m/1000m per roll or as yourdemands insheet:51*70cm,50*70cm,100*70cm,108*70cm50.8*76.2cm as your demands


1.Such as 50.8 76.2cm 50*70cmBox:100Pcs/Bag 5Bag/Carton 680Cartons 340000pcs/20fPallet:100pcs/Bag 100bag/Pallet 32Pallets 320000pcs/20ft2.Suchas70*100cm 70*108cm Pallet:70*100cm 100Pcs/Bag 50Bag/Pallet 34pallets 170000Pcs/20ft Pallet:70*108cm 100Pcs/Bag 50Bag/Pallet 30pallets150000Pcs/20ft 3.Reels:PE film wrapped with Kraft paper,baled on strongwooden pallets

Delivery Time

Within 15 days of order placement


The following list is the reference table for the cutting size of A4 white base dumb surface adhesive

A4 label size (2)
A4 label size (3)
A4 label size (5)
A4 label size (4)
A4 label size (6)
A4 label size (7)

A4 sheet


2 labels per sheet


6 labels per sheet


4 labels per sheet


8 labels per sheet


10 labels per sheet


A4 label size (8)
A4 label size (10)
A4 label size (12)
A4 label size (13)
A4 label size (14)

14 labels per sheet


18 labels per sheet


36 labels per sheet


40 labels per sheet


48 labels per sheet

65 labels per sheet

A4 label size (15)
A4 label size (16)
A4 label size (17)
A4 label size (1)

65 labels per sheet


84 labels per sheet


90 labels per sheet


216 labels per sheet


Wholesale a4 label paper

Sailing label is A4 address labels manufacturer who mainly in a4 printer label paper,thermal paper,label material,thermal label ,ect.
Here at A4 integrated labels, we specialise in a4 labels of all shapes and sizes that are suitable for both inkjet and laser printers. Our standard labels come in rectangle shapes on A4 sheets, but we also provide round labels and a variety of other shapes to suit your specific needs, which can be found in our Labels by Shape category.
With a branch factory in Malaysia, 4 overseas warehouses and 2 overseas service centers, itprovides global OEM/ODM production, fast delivery and worry-free after-sales service.


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