Custom Shipping Labels 4×6 Thermal Printed Blank Template

  • Quality strong adhesive ensures labels stick to envelopes, mailers, or boxes
  • Convenient and easy to use, each blank label has a perforated line. Fanfold labels are also easier and faster to reload than rolls.
  • Compatible with most direct thermal printers 


Factory Shipping Label In China

SGS&ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer,18+ years production and manufacture.

Sailing is a custom shipping labels suppiler who has a branch factory in Malaysia, 4 overseas warehouses and 2 overseas service centers, itprovides global OEM/ODM production, fast delivery and worry-free after-sales service.

what is a shipping label?

Shipping label paper is an important tool used to identify and manage goods in the logistics and supply chain process. These labels are usually attached to goods, parcels or containers and provide important information about the goods in order to track and manage them throughout the supply chain.

Merchandise description for shipping label:


Hot Sell Size4″x6″, 4″x4″, 4″x2″, 2″x1″60mmx40mm, 50mmx25mm…etc (Any Custom Size Available)
Labels/Roll250 Labels, 300 Labels, 350 Labels, 400 Labels, 500 Labels, 1000 Labels, 2000 Labels (Or As Your Request)
Paper Core25mm, 40mm, 76mm
MaterialDirect Thermal Paper Label: Heat Sensitive, No Need Ribbon
Thermal Transfer Label (Require Ribbon Printed)
Top Coated Quality FunctionWater Proof, Oil Proof, Scratch Proof Strong Adhesive
OEM Label ColorWhite/Yellow/Blue (Or Any Colors As Your Request)Logo/Brand/Company’s Name Pre-Printed Avaulable
Release PaperYellow/White/Blue (Or As Your Request)
PackingWaterproof Shirink Wrap PackingOEM/ODM Logo/Brand CartonsStrong Pallets Packing

why to buy shipping label?

Standardised size: The 4×6 inch size is a standardised specification that is widely used in many transport and logistics systems. This makes print shipping label of this size compatible with a wide range of different printing devices and easy to handle and store.

High information capacity: The relatively large size means that more information can be accommodated on the label, such as sender information, recipient information, product description, shipping method, and more. This helps reduce the need for multiple labels and increases the information density of the label.

Ease of Readability: The larger size makes the text and barcode on the label easier to read and scan. This helps to reduce human error and scanning mistakes, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of logistics processing.

Durability: The 4×6 inch size often allows for labels to be made of thicker and more durable materials, making them more durable and able to withstand more wear and tear and environmental elements during shipping.

Cost Savings: Standardised sizes and legibility mean fewer labeling errors and more efficient processing, which can lead to cost savings in transportation and logistics, as well as overall operational efficiencies.

1. We have a lot print shipping labels ready stock

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3. 4x6 shipping labels ready stock for 2nd day delivery

shipping label
1We have a lot ready stock
Ready stock for 2nd day delivery
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1.We have a lot ready stock

2.Ready stock for 2nd day delivery

3.Price lower for same quality

Optimum shipping label factory to show

what is a direct thermal label
labels factory (8)

Process shipping labels

1.Coating Machine

2.Jumbo Roll Slitting Machine

3.Printing machine

4. Die Cutting Machine

5.Automatic DieCutting Machin


7. Packing



Textures :shipping label roll

Machine type : Thermal paper printer/barcode printer

Single proof paper : Water - proof, oil - proofand friction - resistant

yellow background label
label on white background
blue label




Perforated Line clear and easy to tear off

Perforated Line clear and easy to tear off

Strong adhesion

Strong adhesion guaranteesthat the label will notfall off

Clear image after printing. No ink drop

Clear image after printing. No ink drop


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