Waterproof Direct Thermal Label Manufacturers Barcode Sticker Roll

Waterproof Direct Thermal Labels consists of a synthetic white matte facesheet that is specifically top-coated for direct thermal printing. This material is perfect for applications where high durability and resistance to moisture are required. It utilizes a permanent hotmelt adhesive that is capable of withstanding freezer conditions when applied.

Complete any job with a waterproof label that’s resistant to smudging, tears, and light scuffing.


Hot Sell Size4″x6″, 4″x4″, 4″x2″, 2″x1″60mmx40mm, 50mmx25mm…etc (Any Custom Size Available)
Labels/Roll250 Labels, 300 Labels, 350 Labels, 400 Labels, 500 Labels, 1000 Labels, 2000 Labels (Or As Your Request)
Paper Core25mm, 40mm, 76mm
MaterialDirect Thermal Paper Label: Heat Sensitive, No Need Ribbon
Thermal Transfer Label (Require Ribbon Printed)
Top Coated Quality FunctionWater Proof, Oil Proof, Scratch Proof Strong Adhesive
OEM Label ColorWhite/Yellow/Blue (Or Any Colors As Your Request)Logo/Brand/Company’s Name Pre-Printed Avaulable
Release PaperYellow/White/Blue (Or As Your Request)
PackingWaterproof Shirink Wrap PackingOEM/ODM Logo/Brand CartonsStrong Pallets Packing

Waterproof Direct Thermal Label Manufacturers

Both synthetic and top-coat polyester materials can be overprinted with a label printer and resin ribbon, producing a label that can withstand exposure to water, oil, chemicals and scratches. Combined with a heavy-duty adhesive, you can be confident that your label will stay put during item production, storage and transport.

Sailinglabel wide range of water-resistant and waterproof labels are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications subjected to harsh elements. They are also suitable for application directly onto frozen goods and wet cartons.


sailinlabel Waterproof Direct Thermal Labels Manufacturer Our water-resistant and waterproof thermal labels are designed to endure exposure to harsh elements with unrivalled durability.

Waterproof Direct Thermal Labels uses include:

    • Product identification labels
    • Freezer labels
    • Safety labels
    • Instructional labels
    • Barcode labels
    • Battery labels
    • Shipping label

What raw materials can be chosen for waterproof thermal labels?

    1. Base paper: High-quality wood pulp or synthetic materials are used as the base for thermal paper labels.
    2. Heat-sensitive coating: A layer of chemicals, including leuco dyes and developers, reacts to heat to create images.
    3. Adhesives: Acrylic or rubber-based adhesives provide varying adhesion strength and temperature resistance.

Common Usage:

waterproof label
waterproof label3



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Thermal label

we are private label manufacturer

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Quality Assured

Water proof
Alcohol proof
Scratch resistant

Water proof


Alcohol proof

Scratch resistant

Learn more about water-resistant and waterproof labels

For demanding applications including labels submerged in water, left outside, or adhered to frozen products, contact us today for a custom waterproof label solution.

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Type of core

25mm 40mm 76mm


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