Factory Wholesale Thermal Printer Labels 4×6 Waybill Shipping Labels

[ Waterproof and Oil-proof ] Smudge-Free and Resists Scratches, Water, Dirt, Dust, and Grease. Blank 4×6 mailing label with the perforated line for easy peeling.
[ Fade Resistant & Reliable ] The thermal labels are made of upgraded material that prints crystal clear images and easy-to-read barcodes. brighter than the leading brand and significant resistance to smudges and scratches.
[ Strong Compatibility ] The printer labels are perfectly compatible ,other direct thermal printers without the hassle of sheet waste, or jams.
[ Multi-platform Compatible ] Print shipping labels and internet postage labels for transportation platform and e-commerce platform.
[ Ultra-Strong Adhesive ] Peel-and-stick extra-large labels with strong self-adhesive backing. They use premium-grade and powerful adhesive that allows each label to stick tightly to any packaging surface for a long time.



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what is a thermal label?

Thermal labels are a special type of label typically used in printers to print barcodes, text or images. Unlike traditional ink or ribbon printing,thermal printing labels print images or text directly onto the surface of the label through thermal printing technology. This type of printing gives thermal printer labels the advantage of being fast, clear, and eliminating the need for ink or ribbons.

how long do thermal labels last?

The life of a direct thermal label depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the label material, storage conditions, and the frequency of printer use. Generally speaking, direct Thermal Printer Labels 4×6 can have a shelf life of up to several years if they are stored in a dry environment out of direct sunlight and the printer is used properly. However, once labels are exposed to high temperatures, high humidity or direct sunlight, their life span may be significantly reduced. Therefore, it is recommended that under normal storage and use conditions, thermal labels roll can last for several years!

thermal label warehouse:

sailing is a direct thermal label manufacturer ,with a branch factory in Malaysia, 4 overseas warehouses and 2 overseas service centers, it provides global OEM/ODM production, fast delivery and worry-free after-sales service.  

Our factory mainly deals with Thermal Printer Labels 4×6 shipping labels, A4 labels, label raw materials, custom labels ,Industrial label and so on. Our labels are highly compatible and our products have perfect after-sales service, you can contact us anytime if you have any question,

Advanced Features Coating Machine with high running,faster delivery time

Printing Machine with high precision,high quality product

Cover an area of 8000 square meters 16production lines,32 production machines,300 workers,5 sales teams, annual output value US$ 60million.


1. direct thermal label manufacturer has lots of colored thermal labels ready stock

2. price lower for same quality thermal barcode label sticker

3. Ready stock for 2nd day delivery

1We have a lot ready stock
Ready stock for 2nd day delivery
Price lower for same quality

1.We have a lot ready stock

2.Ready stock for 2nd day delivery

3.Price lower for same quality

Quality Assured

Water proof
Alcohol proof
Scratch resistant

Water proof


Alcohol proof

Scratch resistant

we are private label manufacturer

1.With 16 years of experience in thermal label manufacturing, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of label manufacturing.
2.The advanced factory equipment ensures high quality and large-scale production capacity, high production efficiency and flexible production methods. And can quickly respond to market demand
3.We have an excellent team with leading technology to provide customers with high-quality products, choose us is to choose professional!


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