Thermal Paper Jumbo Roll Manufacturers 48Gsm 55Gsm 65Gsm 405Mm 795Mm 875Mm

Brand :Sailing
Paper Finish:Coated
Material:100% Wood Pulp
Usage:POS Machine
 Thermal Paper using BPA-Free paper is made with a thermal coating, premium white thermal paper designed for clear, durable printing images is the best choice


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22+ Years production Custom Thermal Paper Thermal Paper Jumbo Roll Manufacturers

Jumbo Rolls Thermal Paper Introduces:

Thermal paper jumbo rolls is a product of large rolls of thermal paper used in printers, labellers and other devices. These rolls of thermal paper are typically used in commercial and industrial applications for high volume, continuous printing needs.Sailing is a custom thermal paper jumbo roll manufacturers who has 18+ years production and manufacture.we have own independent factory,always have overseas warehouse in US, Saudi Arabia,Dubai,ect.

Large size: Thermal paper jumbo rolls are usually available in large roll sizes, which can be hundreds or even thousands of metres in length and wider in width to accommodate a wide range of printing devices.
High quality: These large rolls of thermal paper typically have a high-quality surface coating that produces clear, durable prints and ensures that prints are legible.
Wide applicability: thermal paper jumbo rolls are suitable for all types of thermal printers and labellers, including desktop, industrial, portable and other different types of devices.
No ink or ribbon required: Thermal paper prints content through a heat-sensitive chemical reaction, eliminating the need for ink or ribbons and resulting in greater cost and maintenance savings.
Customisable sizes and characteristics: According to user requirements, thermal paper jumbo roll can be customised with different sizes, thicknesses, surface coatings and characteristics such as waterproof and abrasion resistance.

jumbo thermal paper rolls is an efficient and convenient printing material that meets the needs of large-scale printing and improves work efficiency.

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We are giving one stop solutions forcustomersincluding rewinder machines jumbo roll raw materials, all kinds of insidecores, cutting knives, even empty boxes

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Jumbo Thermal Paper Roll Applications:

1. Retail industry
· Cashier printing: for printing shopping tickets, receipts, sales slips, etc.
· Label printing: for printing product labels, price labels, promotional labels, etc.
· Ticket printing: for printing gift cards, coupons, discount coupons, etc.

2. Logistics and transport
· Freight labels: for printing cargo information, shipping and receiving addresses, transport company logos, etc.
· Parcel labels: to print courier bill number, destination address, recipient information, etc.
· Consignment note: to print cargo list, transport contract, etc.

3. Medical industry
· Drug labels: print drug name, dosage, production batch and other information.
· Medical record labels: Print patient name, medical record number, doctor’s advice, etc.
· Medical supplies labels: print information and barcode of instruments, reagents, etc.

4. food packaging
· Production date labels: print food production date, shelf life, batch number, etc.
· Packaging labels: Print product name, ingredients, nutritional information, etc.
· Traceability labels: print information on raw material sources, production process, quality inspection, etc.

5. Manufacturing
· Product labels: print part number, production process, quality inspection information, etc.
· Packaging labels: Print product name, specifications, production date, etc.
· Process labels: print the production process, operating instructions, etc.

6. Education Industry
· Student ID card printing: print student’s name, school number, photo and other information.
· Exam Pass Printing: Print candidate information, examination room, seat number, etc.
· Teaching materials printing: print teaching materials, test papers, attendance sheets, etc.
7. Other areas
· Event Tickets: Print performance tickets, conference attendance cards, etc.
· Library management: print library cards, book labels, etc.
· Trade show exhibitions: Print exhibit labels, booth numbers, display introductions, etc.

Whether in the field of business, medical, logistics or education, thermal paper jumbo roll plays an important role in improving work efficiency, reducing costs, and facilitating information management and traceability.

Thick Shrink-Wrapped Two-layer Palletizing Advantages:

Correct palletizing

The advantages of playingthe tray :

  1.  Helps to maximize the use ofspace and reduces the risk ofdamage during transportation.

2.  Tightly around the pallet toprevent any movement duringtransport.

3.  Reducing the weight of thepallet.

4. Which makes it easier for forklifts to handle and manoeuvre.

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Disadvantages of not having a tray:

  1. In the process of moving friction will cause damage to the box, there is no safety guarantee in the transportation process.

2. Unable to reduce the weight, the goods are squeezed against each other.

3. The goods are unstable and collapse during transportation.

4.  Handling is more troublesome, can not use the machine handling.


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