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Sailing Label has established overseas warehouses in the US, Mexico, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bangladesh, and more. Customers can easily purchase or sample products. Join Us as Distributors!

Overseas Warehouse

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Sailing Global Warehouses

Dubai Warehouse


Thermal labels, 38x25mm

Unit price 1.7 AED
  • Thermal labels, 38x25mm, 800 pcs, 50 rolls/ctn,Top quality direct thermal labels, super white & scratchable

Thermal labels, 58x39mm

Unit price 2.8 AED
  • Thermal labels, 58x39mm, 800 pcs, 50 rolls/ctn,Top quality direct thermal labels, super white & scratchable

Thermal paper rolls,80 x 80mm

Unit price 1.75 AED
  • BPAFREE thermal paper rolls,80 x 80mm, 50 rolls /ctn,Top quality, BPAFREE material, around 50m

Shelf life >= 5 years

Saudi Arabia Warehouse

Factory-direct sales offer affordable prices and high-quality bpafree rolls

Thermal label

  1. Thermal labels 38 x 28mm
  2. Thermal labels 40 x 22mm, 2000 pcs, 50 rolls/ctn

  3. Thermal labels 50 x 25mm, 2000pcs, 50 rolls/ctn

  4. Thermal labels 60 x 40mm, 1000pcs ,50 rolls/ctn

  5. Thermal labels 100 x 50mm, 1000pcs, 20 rolls/ctn

  6. Thermal labels 26 x 16mm, 1000 pcs, 216 rolls/ctn

  7. Thermal labels 100 x 50mm, 1000pcs, 20 rolls/ctn

  8. Thermal labels 26 x 16mm, 1000 pcs, 216 rolls/ctn


  1. Premium Quality Multi Purpose Labels A4 labels 1 pcs,WS-1001, 100 sheet / box ,   70g copy paper label, acrylic adhesive, 78g CCK

Thermal paper roll

  1. BPAFREE thermal paper rolls, 80 x 70mm, 50 rolls/ctn,     Top quality, BPAFREE material, around 35m

Sailing Global Warehouses

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Sailinglabel Warehouse Advantages

China leading manufacturer of label adhesive paper. We provide labeling solutions

Accelerated delivery time

Overseas warehouses store labels close to the customer's location, which can significantly reduce transportation time and deliver goods to customers faster.

Reduce shipping costs and duties

Products such as labels are stored in overseas warehouses, avoiding duties and taxes in cross-border transportation and reducing overall costs.

Product traceability

Overseas warehouses are usually equipped with modern inventory management systems. Customers can easily track the shipping status of their labels and other products through tracking numbers or order numbers, which enhances the transparency and credibility of shopping.

Cross-border payment convenience

Provides a variety of cross-border payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, etc., allowing customers to conduct international transactions conveniently.

Increasing customer satisfaction

With faster delivery, lower costs and better product availability, as well as more convenient product after-sales and customer support services, overseas warehouses can directly improve customers' shopping experience and satisfaction, which helps build loyalty.

Reduce risk

Overseas warehouses usually adopt strict quality management measures, so customers can obtain more reliable and safer label products.