Are labels glossy or matte better?

Labels play a vital role in product packaging and are the first point of contact between your product and potential customers. One of the key decisions in label design is choosing between gloss and matte finishes. So is a glossy label better or is a matte label more marketable? We’ll give you more details on the differences between these two labels to give you ideas on what to choose.

Glossy Labels:

Glossy label paper usually have a shinier appearance, reflecting more light and looking more gorgeous and vivid.


①High gloss :  glossy label sheets have a smooth surface and are highly reflective, which can produce a bright glossy effect, making the labels look more vivid and eye-catching;

②Bright colours : glossy printable labels can highlight the vividness of the colours, making the printed patterns and text fuller and clearer, presenting a better visual effect.

③Strong visual effect : due to its high gloss, glossy sticker labels can produce a strong reflective effect, in the light will shine and attract attention.

④Smooth surface : the surface of glossy label is usually smoother and more delicate to the touch than matte labels, giving an impression of high texture

⑤Easy to clean : glossy label stickers have a smooth surface that is easy to clean, and can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt and keep the labels looking clear.

⑥Wide range of application : label glossy are suitable for packaging and promotion of a wide range of products, especially suitable for occasions that need to highlight high-end quality or attract consumers’ attention, such as cosmetics, high-grade food and so on.


①Fingerprints and dirt : 

Due to their smooth surface, glossy adhesive labels are more likely to show fingerprints and dirt, reducing the neatness of their appearance;

②Reflection problem:

In some environments, glossy sticker label may produce reflections that affect the readability of the text or pattern on the label.

③Not suitable for all designs:

Glossy sticker label paper may not be suitable for all designs, especially for some occasions that require a low-profile and professional appearance

④Higher cost:

Compared to matte labels, glossy paper labels may be a bit more expensive to produce, as they require special coatings or materials to achieve a high gloss effect

Matte Labels:

Matte label have a rough, non-reflective surface and a darker colour.

Compared to glossy labels, matte paper labels are more low-key, subdued and less likely to show fingerprints and dirt, making the overall appearance of the label more refreshing.


①Low-profile and calm : label matte surface is not reflective, the colour is darker, making the overall appearance of a more low-key, stable, suitable for the need for a professional image of the product packaging and promotional materials.

②Does not show fingerprints and dirt : due to its rough surface, matte label paper are not easy to show fingerprints and dirt, to maintain the cleanliness and neat appearance of the label.

③Avoid reflective problems : matte label sticker do not produce reflective problems common to glossy labels, and are suitable for use in environments with strong light, maintaining clear readability of text and patterns.

④Colour stability : The colour of matte label roll is usually more stable and will not produce obvious colour changes due to changes in light or viewing angle.

⑤Wide applicability : matte sticker labels are suitable for packaging and promotion of a wide range of products, and are especially suitable for occasions that require a low-profile and professional appearance, such as stationery, books and electronic products.


①Relatively weak visual effect: matte roll labels compared to glossy labels, the visual effect may be slightly bland, not as vivid as glossy labels to attract people.

②Does not apply to the need to show the sense of luxury products: matte label stickers may not be suitable for the low-profile appearance of some of the need to highlight the high-end quality or luxury of product packaging.

③Not easy to clean: Due to its rough surface, matt self adhesive labels are more difficult to clean than smooth glossy labels, and are prone to accumulating dust and dirt.

④Colour presentation limitations: The colour presentation of matte finish labels may be slightly darker compared to glossy labels, which may sometimes affect the design.

⑤Printing effect limitation: Matte material may have limitation on the printing effect of some details and patterns, especially for some fine lines or small fonts.

How to choose the right finish

Choosing the right finish depends on your product type, target market and brand image. If your product needs to stand out as high-end, stylish or luxurious, then a gloss label may be more suitable as it creates a vivid visual effect that stands out. Glossy labels are also easier to clean and are suitable for products that need to maintain a clear appearance.

On the other hand, if your product is positioned as understated, professional or eco-friendly, or if it is to be used in high light environments, matte labels may be more appropriate. Matte labels don’t reflect light, which can prevent visual distractions in some situations, and are often more environmentally friendly.

In summary, both glossy and matte labels have unique benefits and considerations. It is important to consider them comprehensively according to the product image, the target market and the requirements of the environment in which they are to be used, and to assess the impact of different surface finishes on the product’s appearance and effect by making samples, and then make a choice based on the actual needs.


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