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  • Sailing, a leading expert in label solutions, provides a comprehensive selection of specialized label raw materials. Whether it’s label substrate, coating, adhesive type, or paper grammage, our range caters to diverse needs.
  • As a trusted thermal label supplier, we go beyond offering materials. We support OEM/ODM with free design services, providing innovative options tailored to your unique business requirements.
  • Our dedicated professionals ensure personalized and efficient after-sales service, fostering customer satisfaction and trust. At Sailing, we are committed to promoting the use of sustainable and recyclable materials, aligning with environmental standards and embracing the principles of the circular economy and green manufacturing. Choose Sailing for quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility in label solutions.

Hotmelt Glue

Hot melt glue is a thermoplastic adhesive, fluidity, viscosity, suitable for low-temperature labelling (-5 ~ 10 degrees) and environmental protection and non-toxic, applicable to theprice label,thermal label,shipping label,bottle label.


  • Fast curing: The fast curing of hot melt adhesives makes them suitable for use in efficient production lines, increasing productivity.
  • Strong adhesion: Cured hot melt adhesives often provide strong adhesion to a wide range of materials.
  • Suitable for different surfaces: Good adhesion to smooth and some difficult surfaces.Inorganic solvent-free surfaces: Most hot melt adhesives are free of organic solvents and are relatively environmentally friendly.

  • Easy to operate: easy to use, just simple heating and coating to complete the bonding process

4 x 6 direct thermal labels
4 x 6 direct thermal labels
price label
price label
cosmetic labels
cosmetic labels

Acrylic Water Glue

It is a water-based adhesive, usually with water as the main ingredient, and by adding different polymers, thickeners and other auxiliary ingredients to adjust its performance. Strong adhesion, most water-based adhesives are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, while water-based adhesives are more temperature-resistant than hot-melt adhesives, which can withstand temperatures below 90 degrees Celsius.It is used in Food label, Daily chemical label, Drug label that require strict environmental protection.


  • Environmentally friendly:Water glue does not contain organic solvents, which is relatively environmentally friendly and has a low impact on the human body and the environment.

  • Low Odour: Compared to some solvent-based glues, water-based glues usually have a lower odour.

  • Easy to clean: Due to their water-based composition, water-based glues are generally easier to clean.

  • Wide applicability: Can be used to bond a wide range of materials such as paper, fabric, wood, plastic, etc.

food labels
food labels
pharmacy thermal labels
pharmacy thermal labels
food labels

Solvent Oil Base

Oil glue is an oil-based adhesive that usually contains a rubber matrix, organic solvents and other additives. It has a strong adhesive strength and is widely used for bonding metals, rubbers, plastics and other materials.For example warning label,Industrial label.


  • Strong adhesion: Oleophobic adhesives usually have strong adhesion, suitable for bonding a variety of materials.

  • Durability: For special temperature and application scenarios, the Solvent Oil Base is more compatible, as well as better resistance to high and low temperatures.

  • Flexibility: Oleoresin usually maintains a certain degree of flexibility after curing, which is suitable for some applications that require flexibility.

industrial thermal transfer labels
Industrial label
industrial thermal labels

Film Material

transparent thermal labels

Transparent BOPP film

Transparent BOPP film:Thetransparent Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene can be made into highly transparent, white and even coloredwith bright silver when it was coated. The transparent BOPP film hasexcellent transparency effect.Waterproof and oilproof, unbreakable, wear-resistant, clear printing, bright and saturated colors, uniform thickness, good gloss and flexibility.

Application scenarios: widely used in shampoo, shower gel, daily laundry detergent, cosmetics, skin care products, especially suitable for information labels of high-end new productsetc.

Metallic BOPP film

Metallic BO PP Film : Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene wi th aluminum silver, good shining effect, Metal texture, good die-cutting, waste removal and UV resistance, and good re-pasting properties.

Application scenarios : Daily chemical labels, food labels, electronic and electrical appliance labels,etc.

Metallic BOPP film
Pearlescent Film

Pearlescent Film

Pearlescent Film :The material has pearl shining effect and excellent processing performance.Soft texture, strong tensile strength, high water resistance, light and cold resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance, It can be used in various printing methods such as relief,flexo, gravure and silk screen printing

Application scenarios : Packaging labels, car labels, food labels,Daily chemical labels, etc.

Thermal sensitive film

Thermal sensitive film: Synthetic paper with thermal coating high whiteness,clear printing effect, excellent waterproof,oil resis tance, an ti-alcohol and tear resistance effects.

Application scenarios : Aviation labels, shilling labels, etc.


PE Film for PPA Label

PE film: The material of PE film is soft. The products has good fitting effect and even it was used on irregular sur faces, good extrusion resiztance and strongc hemi cal corrosion resistance effect. The color of PE film is semitransparent.

Application scenarios : Aviation labels, shilling labels, etc.

Synthetic paper

Syntheticpaper: Thismaterialissoft,strong tensileresistance,highwaterresistance,insensitivetoligh andtemperature,good chemicalcorrosionresistance,goodbreathability andsoon.Itisdividedintoordinarysynthetic paperandinkjetsyntheticpaper.

Application scenarios : Packaging labels,Shipping labels, appliance labels, barcode labels, drugs labels,clothing labels,Jewelry labels, etc.



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