Sustainable and Green: PE Adhesive Labels Redefine Printing Trends

With the acceleration of industrialisation and people’s increasing awareness of environmental protection, sailinglabel has introduced PE label material, PE self-adhesive label material is gradually becoming a leader in the label industry.PE, a label material, is the preferred choice for many industries due to its unique definition, remarkable features and wide range of application scenarios. Being a recyclable plastic, it helps reduce our impact on the environment. The recyclability of this material makes it ideal for today’s sustainability-conscious society.


PE self-adhesive material, also known as polyethylene label material (polyethylene, referred to as PE) is a thermoplastic resin polymerised from ethylene, polyethylene is odourless, non-toxic, feel like wax, has excellent low temperature resistance, good chemical stability, can resist most acid and alkali erosion. It is insoluble in common solvents at room temperature, has good water absorption and insulation. And general mechanical properties, low tensile strength, poor creep resistance, good impact resistance, can be used for blow moulding, extrusion, injection moulding and other processes, widely used in the production of film, hollow products, fibres and daily miscellaneous goods.

Features and product advantages:

1.Environmentally sustainable: odourless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, the recyclability of PE materials makes PE self-adhesive labels ideal for an era of growing environmental awareness. Brands and companies are increasingly inclined to choose materials with less impact on the environment, and PE labels are catering for this trend.

2. Flexible and durable: with good flexibility and durability, PE self-adhesive labels can be adapted to a variety of product shapes and surfaces, whether in harsh industrial environments or in everyday life, can maintain a long readability.

3. Printing suitability: PE label material is suitable for a variety of printing techniques, from traditional printing methods to modern digital printing technology, are able to present a clear, vibrant patterns and text, for the brand to provide greater creative space.

4. Water Resistance: In wet environments, PE self-adhesive labels show excellent water resistance, maintaining the adhesion and appearance of the label, so that it is still reliable in wet conditions such as food packaging.

5. Chemical stability: PE self-adhesive labels show good stability to a variety of chemical substances, making it widely used in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, and become the ideal choice for various types of product identification

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Application Scenario:

1. Food Packaging: It is mainly widely used for product packaging and labelling. Its environmental characteristics and printing suitability make it an ideal choice for food packaging, whether on bottles, jars or bags.

2. Pharmaceutical products: Due to the chemical stability of PE materials, PE self-adhesive labels are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical bottles, medical devices and other products often use PE labels to ensure clear and lasting product information.

3. Cosmetics and personal care products: It is suitable for packaging of various cosmetics and personal care products. It has a good appearance and can present a delicate logo and brand image.

4. Industrial product identification: In the industrial field, durable and weather-resistant labelling materials are needed. PE self-adhesive labels can meet the challenges of the industrial environment and provide reliable identification for machinery and equipment, industrial products and so on.

5. Chemical products: Due to the stability of PE material to chemical substances, PE self-adhesive labels are widely used in chemical products to ensure that product identification is not damaged in various chemical environments.

6. Logistics and transport labels: The water resistance and durability of PE self-adhesive labels make them ideal for logistics and transport. In humid environments and long periods of transport, PE labels are able to keep logos clear and readable.

7. Retail and Merchandise Labelling: Shops and retailers often need high quality labels to identify goods, PE self-adhesive labels have good printability and can display product information and brand image.

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Why choose us?

1.Strong strength and quality assurance, sailinglabel has its own independent factory in China, professional R&D team and senior workers, with high daily production capacity, which has been exported to 156+ countries.

2.Customised products, customer-oriented Fully understand the needs of customers, according to the different needs of customers to customise different personalised products, and has a one-stop after-sales service, so that customers can buy without worry.

3. Sustainable development as the goal Support for sustainable development as the current goal of enterprise production and development, to reduce the impact of ecological pollution, PE self-adhesive labels are widely used not only to improve the packaging and labelling of products, but also for the construction of a greener, more sustainable world has taken a solid step forward.

In short, PE self-adhesive label materials play an important role in various industries, providing products with reliable identification and packaging solutions. sailinglabel is also constantly breaking through technological innovation, respecting the sustainable development at the same time so that you can buy quality-assured products!

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