Cheap price A grade quality 405mm 656mm 52gsm Thermal Paper Jumbo Roll 55gsm

Label Paper Raw Material

The label paper raw material offered by Sailinglabel brings traditional labeling to life, with a focus on printability and adhesive compatibility. It’s the perfect base for custom labels in retail, logistics, and industrial settings.

Key Features:

  • Versatile for a wide range of printing techniques
  • Available in different weights and finishes
  • Compatible with various adhesives for specific applications


Superlative Label Paper Raw Material Provided by SailingLabel Why SailingLabel is the Optimal Choice for Label Paper Raw Material

For label manufacturers seeking a foundation of uncompromised quality, SailingLabel offers Label Paper Raw Material that ensures outstanding print results and label performance. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every sheet.

Advantages of Our Label Paper Raw Material:

  • Consistent Print Quality: Designed for uniformity in printing, delivering crisp and clear outcomes.
  • Customizable Features: We offer a range of paper raw material options to suit specific labeling techniques.
  • Quality with Each Batch: Rigorously tested for quality to ensure reliability from every roll.

Your Competitive Edge with SailingLabel:

Choosing our Label Paper Raw Material means investing in your brand’s reputation for quality. Benefit from SailingLabel’s expert guidance and support to select the best paper for your label products.

Product CodeMC6709
Product Name80geco semi-gloss art paper/hot melt adhesive/60g white glassine
Face Stock80geco semi-gloss art paper
Release liner60g white glassine
AdhesiveOrdinary hot melt adhesive
technical indicators:
Classification:test projectIndicatorsUnitMethods
Face StockDosage80±10%g/m2GB/T 451.2-2002
Thickness70±10%µmGB/T 451.3-2002
Whiteness≧85%GB/T 7974-2002
Release linerDosage60±10%g/m2GB/T 451.2-2002
Thickness53±10%µmGB/T 451.3-2002
Longitudinal tensile strength≥5.0KN/mKN/mGB/T 12914-2018
AdhesiveLoop initial tack≧17NFTM9
90°release force≧7or paper torn stateN/25mmFTM2
180°30m/min high speed release force≦35gg/㎡FTM1
Holding power≧8hours /GB/T 4851-2014
Minimun labelled temperature﹣5℃
Using temperature﹣10℃~65℃
Product description:The surface material of this product is smooth, suitable for general purpose and blank die-cutting. The adhesive adopts ordinary hot-melt adhesive, which has high initial adhesion, holding strength, 90° peeling force, and certain low temperature resistance. Not suitable for application on PVC surfaces. It is not recommended for small-bore bottles and irregular surfaces, and a comprehensive labeling test must be carried out in the final use environment before use.
Print and process:This product is suitable for various printing methods of offset, gravure and flexo, but not for exquisite printing. Attention should be paid to controlling the viscosity of the ink to avoid the peeling off of the coating caused by the overly viscous ink. Excellent paper processing performance, suitable for rotary and flat processing methods. Suitable for hot stamping. It should be avoided that the rewinding tension is too high, causing the label to overflow. It can be used for non-direct contact labeling of products such as food, medicine and cosmetics.
Stock and preserve:Under the conditions of temperature 23±2℃ and relative humidity 50±5%, the validity period is 1 year. Products beyond the expiry date can still be used after passing the inspection.
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SGS&ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer,22+ years production and manufacture.

With a branch factory in Malaysia, 4 overseas warehouses and 2 overseas service centers, itprovides global OEM/ODM production, fast delivery and worry-free after-sales service.

Want to set up same thermal paper slittingfactory?

We are giving one stop solutions forcustomersincluding rewinder machinesjumbo roll raw materials, all kinds of insidecores, cutting knives, even empty boxes

Thermal paper jumbo roll (4)
Thermal paper jumbo roll (5)

Thick Shrink-Wrapped Two-layerPalletizing Advantages:

Correct palletizing

The advantages of playingthe tray :

  1.  Helps to maximize the use ofspace and reduces the risk ofdamage during transportation.

2.  Tightly around the pallet toprevent any movement duringtransport.

3.  Reducing the weight of thepallet.

4. Which makes it easier for forklifts to handle and manoeuvre.

Thermal paper jumbo roll (1)

Disadvantages of not having a tray:

  1. In the process of moving friction will cause damage to the box, there is no safety guarantee in the transportation process.

2. Unable to reduce the weight, the goods are squeezed against each other.

3. The goods are unstable and collapse during transportation.

4.  Handling is more troublesome, can not use the machine handling.


8 colors printing machines with UVfunction to give you most shining colors and printing

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