Thermal Paper Jumbo Rolls Suppliers Bpa Free 3 1 8 Inch X 50 Ft 2 1 4 X 85 Ft

Type:Cash Register Paper
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Material:100% pure wood pulp
Core:paper or plastic
usage:pos machine/cash regester printer

grammage:45gsm, 50gsm, 52gsm, 55gsm, 58gsm, 60gsm






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China Thermal Paper Jumbo Roll Suppliers

SGS&ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer,22+ years production and manufacture.

sailing is a thermal paper jumbo rolls suppliers who has factory in china .at the same time,with a branch factory in Malaysia, 4 overseas warehouses and 2 overseas service centers, itprovides global OEM/ODM production, fast delivery and worry-free after-sales service.we mainly in thermal paper,jumbo rolls thermal paper,thermal label,thermal label jumbo rolls,label materials,A4 label,ect.We focus on product quality and service, rest assured to buy our products!

Jumbo Thermal paper rolls Features:

MATERIAL SELECTION: Our thermal paper is made from a high-quality heat-sensitive paper substrate that ensures flatness and stability of the paper. This high quality material ensures clear, long-lasting printing results.
Printing effect: Our thermal paper provides excellent printing effect with strong text and image expression without blurring, defocusing or fading. Whether it is simple text or complex patterns, they can be clearly displayed.
DURABILITY: Our products have high durability and withstand long periods of storage and use without fading or deterioration. Printing results remain stable even after prolonged exposure to light or humidity.
Compatibility and Stability: Our thermal papers are suitable for a wide range of thermal printers and devices and perform consistently under different temperature and humidity conditions. Customers are able to get reliable printing results no matter what brand or model of printing device they use.

Overall, our thermal papers are known for their high-quality materials, excellent printing results, outstanding durability, environmental certifications, and compatibility and stability. Customers can choose our products with confidence and enjoy a high-quality printing experience.

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We are giving one stop solutions forcustomersincluding rewinder machinesjumbo roll raw materials, all kinds of insidecores, cutting knives, even empty boxes

Thermal paper jumbo roll (4)
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Thick Shrink-Wrapped Two-layerPalletizing Advantages:

Correct palletizing

The advantages of playingthe tray :

  1.  Helps to maximize the use ofspace and reduces the risk ofdamage during transportation.

2.  Tightly around the pallet toprevent any movement duringtransport.

3.  Reducing the weight of thepallet.

4. Which makes it easier for forklifts to handle and manoeuvre.

Thermal paper jumbo roll (1)

Disadvantages of not having a tray:

  1. In the process of moving friction will cause damage to the box, there is no safety guarantee in the transportation process.

2. Unable to reduce the weight, the goods are squeezed against each other.

3. The goods are unstable and collapse during transportation.

4.  Handling is more troublesome, can not use the machine handling.


8 colors printing machines with UVfunction to give you most shining colors and printing

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thermal paper jumbo roll application areas

Retail: Thermal paper jumbo rolls are commonly used in retail checkout systems to print receipts, invoices and sales labels. They provide fast, clear text and barcode printing, increasing cashiering efficiency and eliminating the need for ink cartridges or ribbons.
Logistics and transport: In the logistics and transport industry, thermal paper jumbo rolls are commonly used to print cargo labels, transport tickets, shipping documents and more. Its fast printing and durability meet the needs of fast-moving and complex environments.
Healthcare: The healthcare industry uses thermal paper rolls to print medical labels, prescriptions, patient information and more. Because they require no contact with consumables, they are better suited for medical devices such as medical record printers and drug label printers.
Catering: Thermal jumbo rolls are widely used in the catering industry to print a la carte menus, bills and orders. They produce fast, crisp text and images for fast-paced restaurant environments.
Entertainment: In entertainment venues such as cinemas, amusement parks and event centres, thermal jumbo rolls are used to print tickets, admission vouchers and receipts. They print tickets quickly and are long-lasting.
Office use: In the office, thermal paper jumbo rolls can be used to print meeting minutes, quick memos and labels. They are easy to use and are convenient as there is no need to wait for drying time.


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