Coated Paper Suppliers Semi Gloss Label Jumbo Roll For Printing 1000m/2000m/3000m



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Coated Paper Suppliers Semi Gloss Label Jumbo Roll

what does coated paper mean?

Coated stock paper is a type of paper that has undergone a special treatment on its surface. This treatment usually involves applying a special paint or coating to the surface of the paper. This coating can be made from a variety of materials, including combinations of binders and white pigments, as well as other additives. The purpose of  paper coated is to improve the surface quality of the paper, making it smoother, more uniform, and of better printing quality. This makes coated paper perform better when printing high-quality images, text or graphics. Cast coated paper also increases the water and abrasion resistance of the paper, thus improving its life.

what is gloss coated paper

Gloss Coated Paper is a type of paper that has a highly smooth, bright coating applied to its surface. This coating, which usually consists of a binder and white pigment, gives the paper a very smooth surface with a high degree of gloss and reflectivity. The main characteristics of coated glossy  paper include:

Smoothness and gloss: The surface of glossy coated paper is very smooth, allowing printed images and text to show through clearly. It has a high gloss, which produces a bright reflective effect and enhances the visual appeal of the print.

Colour reproduction: Thanks to its smooth surface and high gloss, coated glossy paper offers excellent colour reproduction, resulting in vivid and vibrant colours in the printed image.

Print quality: Gloss coated paper rolls  are suitable for a wide range of printing techniques, including offset, digital and inkjet printing. It produces high-quality prints with clear details and vibrant colours.

can coated paper be recycled?

Coated printing paper are usually recyclable, but their recyclability depends on the specific type of coated paper printing and how the coating is treated. Generally, if the coating of a coated paper roll is a biodegradable or recyclable material, then this coated paper can be recovered and reprocessed into new paper or other products. However, some coated paper stock may contain non-recyclable coating materials or contain impurities that may affect their recyclability.

When recycling coated paper, it is best to collect it separately from other paper. For recyclable coating paper, a special recovery process is usually required to remove the coating and separate the paper fibres. These fibres can then be reprocessed into new paper products. However, the recovery of some coated paper products may require more complex processes, which may increase the cost or reduce the efficiency of recovery.

One-stop coated paper manufacturer service,18+ years production and manufacture.

We are a professional coated paper suppliers, focusing on coated paper labels, PET labels, synthetic paper labels and other label materials, with an independent factory in China, as well as a branch factory in Malaysia, 4 overseas warehouses and 2 overseas service centres, providing global OEM/ODM production, fast delivery and hassle-free after-sales service.

Slitting Of Cated Paper Label Jumbo Roll


1We have a lot ready stock
Ready stock for 2nd day delivery
Price lower for same quality

1.We have a lot ready stock

2.Ready stock for 2nd day delivery

3.Price lower for same quality

Coated Printer Paper Process

Coating Machine
Slitting Machine
Printing machine
Die Cutting Machine

1.Coating Machine

2.Jumbo Roll Slitting Machine

3.Printing machine

4. Die Cutting Machine

Automatic DieCutting Machin

5.Automatic DieCutting Machin


7. Packing


Main Product Material

Direct Thermal Top

Direct Thermal Eco

Thermal Transfer Label

Synthetic paper

Synthetic Thermal Top

Inkjet White PP

Bright White PP

Transparent BOPP

Bright Silver PP

Bright White PE

Transparent PE

Bright White PET

Transparent PET

Matte Silver PET

Laser Jet Material

Cast Coated Paper

Art Paper

Common problem



All Custom Size & Color can be made as your requirement!

ltem Type

Label Jumbo Rolls

Regular Size

Max Width 1540mm,1000-1200 meters/roll

Die Cut size forthe width

60/80/100/200/210/300/500mm....etc(Or as your requirements)


1.Direct Thermal Label(No Need Ribbon) 2.Thermal Synthetic Label ,or others

Premium Quality

Water Proof,Oil Proof,Scratch Proof,Strong Adhesiveand dark printing image

Face Paper

75gsm direct thermal label 80g thermal transfer label(semi glossy label)

Release paper/Liner

60gsm glassine paper(Yellow/White/Blue)

Glue type

Permanent Adhesive(hot melt/Acrylic/Rubber Glue)

Adhesive feature

Strong initial adhesive and long time storage lifez 3years

Service Temp



Color, Logo, Brand On Label/Carton AvailableDesign Service FOR FREE!


10000 square meters

Quality Assured

Water proof
Alcohol proof
Scratch resistant

Water proof


Alcohol proof

Scratch resistant

Inkjet Coated Paper Application Scenarios

Printed Materials and Publications: Glossy coated papers are commonly used for printing high quality publications such as magazines, brochures, albums, books and newspapers. Its smooth surface and high gloss provide excellent image and text reproduction, making printed materials more attractive.

ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: In the advertising industry, glossy coated papers are widely used to produce posters, leaflets, promotional folders, indoor advertisements and display boards. Its high gloss and colour reproduction attracts attention and enhances the advertising effect.

Packaging Materials: Calendered coated papers are also commonly used to make boxes, bags, gift boxes and colour boxes for high-end products. Its beautiful appearance and bright colours enhance the brand image and value of the product.

Business cards and business stationery: Due to its high printing quality and bright colours, glossy coated paper is often used to produce high-end business cards, letterheads, envelopes, envelopes and letterheads.

Photographic Printing: Glossy coated paper is also one of the commonly used printing materials in the photographic industry. It accurately reproduces the colours and details of photographic prints and is suitable for producing photographic prints for exhibitions, displays and sales.


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